About Us

The Truck Manufacturers Association was established on 20 December, 1978. The association represents the Philippine Automotive Industry that focuses on all commercial vehicles from sport utility vehicles (SUV) to big, heavy-duty trucks and buses. TMA is a non-stock, non-profit association under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. TMA was certified by the Philippine Board of Investment and it was registered to Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 30 November, 2010. TMA are member of Federation of the Philippine Industries, Inc. (FPI) and Federation of Automotive Industries of the Philippines (FAIP).



To advance and promote the development of the local commercial vehicle manufacturing industry, particularly the members herein, so as to improve competitive capacities and contribute to industrial development.


  • To represent the interests of members before government offices and/or agencies, before the general public, as well as international bodies;
  • To serve as the vehicle for the establishment and maintenance of continuing dialogue and liaison between the members and concerned government offices and/or agencies, private institutions and/or organizations, as well as international bodies;
  • To serve as the medium through which the member, as an industry group, communicate its ideas, positions, plans and actions to the government and/or private sectors concerned; and
  • To serve as the form and administrative arm of the members in the development and implementation of plans, projects and programs of common interest, and to this end to collaborate with other organizations, public or private;

Message from the President

Since its establishment in 1978, the Truck Manufacturers Association, Inc. has strived to achieve its objective of advancing and promoting the development of the local commercial vehicle manufacturing industry in the Philippines.

TMA is currently focusing on the compliance and support to the government programs that aim to improve the public transportation system in the country. The members of the Association are working hand-in-hand to provide you competitive and quality modern PUVs that are much safer, more reliable, more efficient, more comfortable and environment friendly compared to the existing Jeepneys on the road today.

We are here not only to provide the nation with quality trucks, buses and PUVs. We are also here to help in the improvement of the whole transport system of the Philippines. With the current 12 member brands, the Truck Manufacturers Association, Inc. is now stronger than ever.

Current TMA Officers
Chairman Emeritus Hino Motors Philippines Corp. Mr. Vicente T. Mills, Jr.
President Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. Atty. Imelda M. Abadilla-Brown
Vice President Ford Group Philippines Ms. Josephine B. Gonzalez
Corporate Secretary Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. Atty. Rommel R. Gutierrez
Treasurer Columbian Motors Corp. Mr. Denver M. Ramos
Executive Director Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. Atty. Demille V. Cero